To soothe, to nourish, to protect: to Sa Sante!

Whether you’re a new mom navigating all sorts of changes, a skincare junkie up on the latest trends, or someone just looking for a little relief, Sa Sante provides a natural approach to vaginal health.

We saw the need

Our founder Michelle Han, a working mom of two and advocate for women’s health, wanted to shed light on an issue far too few are talking about: vaginal discomfort. Nearly every woman she spoke to was affected by an itch, burn, or irritation; whether it was for a few days or months on end. So, she decided to team up with a world-renowned OBGYN and expert herbalist to create an all-natural, organic lotion to remedy the most sensitive skin.

Why it’s necessary

From chemicals in tampons, pads, and over the counter products to synthetic fabrics and dyes in underwear, harmful ingredients in women’s products-- and discomfort from them-- have never been so prevalent.

Hand-picked, organic ingredients ethically-sourced with your health in mind

We use just 11 OBGYN-approved ingredients in our botanical blend that are hand-selected by our expert herbalist to nourish dry, irritated vaginal skin.

When should I use it?

Sa Sante is for those long sit-down stretches, after your period when your skin is at its most vulnerable, that uncomfortable itch you just can’t scratch away, or some good self-care just because.